Event Details - Autumn Campaign 2014: The Battle of Silverlake 1114

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Trinity has been weakened. Nethras, the mother-ancestor of Albion, stricken with grief and madness at the loss of so many of Albion's children seeks to bring them into her unliving arms. Across the country, Albion's dead rise up as one, seeking to bring all into the family of unlife. Cities and towns are besieged, as the nation's limited military forces are stretched to breaking point...each soldier that falls joining the never-ending horde. Albion's people, living and dead, call for vengeance...  

But there is hope. In southern Albion, the united fey courts gather, hoping to forestall the collapse and save Albion's people. An ancient tale of a Grail to heal the land and people presents hope, as Ancestors old and new vie for the position of Mother of Albion...while all of Albion's dead draw nearer and nearer to tear down the plan once and for all.  So collect your stories, tales and legends.  Gather armour, sword and shield. Prepare your finest magics and show your faith...

For the first pitched battle for Albion's future begins...

Dates: Friday 14th - Sunday 16th November 2014

Times: Time In will be at 8pm - 2am Friday, 10am - 2am Saturday
and 10am - appox 2pm Sunday.

Leslie Sell Activity Centre
Molivers Lane
MK43 8LD

Crew: There will be a need for Crew! Crewing is free with a variety of roles occurring throughout the weekend! Monsters get free pie and peas late on Saturday night!! Monsters still need to buy a meal ticket if not self-catering (see below).

Accommodation: Camping accommodation only. However, a Storm Barn in the IC area is there for emergency shelter. There will be a limited number of bunks available for Staff only, please contact organisers if you need more information.

Catering: The event will be catered by Caggles Catering for 25 pounds. Menu to be put on forum / Facebook / website when known. Please pay for this separately by cheque in advance to the address below, or in cash/cheque at the beginning of the event on arrival. Please make cheques payable to Harts of Albion. PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO TICK THE BOOKING REQUEST ON THIS PAGE OR ON THE BOOKING SITE. There is a small monster kitchen but no player kitchen, so an urn + tea + coffee will be made available in the playing area.

Website: The Harts website can be found at http://www.hartsofalbion.co.uk

Online Booking: Online booking is available for this event at; http://www.hartsofalbion.co.uk/booking

Paper Booking form: If you wish to fill in a booking form and send it to us in the post please download, print, fill in, and post to us the booking for at http://www.hartsofalbion.co.uk/booking/img/bookingform.pdf. This is a PDF document so you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (http://get.adobe.com/uk/reader) or another PDF reader.

Please make cheques payable to: Harts of Albion
Send cheques to: 
Harts of Albion, 
101 Amanda Road,

Attendance Fee: 44.00 pounds
Bookings online will invite you to pay via PayPal. We are happy for you to do this! However, please consider paying by cheque (in post to address above) which will save the Faction nearly 2 pounds per booking. You can book electronically then send the cheque IMMEDIATELY in the post or alternatively print off the Event Flyer and book wholly by post (Retro Bookings R Us tm).


For further details or queries about the event please telephone Jenny Barrett on 07958 649590 between 7pm and 9pm or email jennylee40@hotmail.com

The people below have booked and paid for this event

OOC First NameOOC SurnameIC NameGroupFactionBooking As
Christopher Lamb Caster of Red Other (House Plantagenet) HartsStaff
Jenny Barrett Smells Hunters HartsStaff
Rosie Woolley Zeal Other (Battalion of Echoes) LionsMonster
Minna Wilke Saber Lily Other (House Plantagenet) HartsPlayer
Elizabeth Mackie Jenn Other (People of erdreja ) HartsPlayer
aaron Morrison Jasper "The peoples knight" Orlaine Londinium HartsPlayer
Andrew Abbitt Mat Londinium HartsPlayer
Lucy Fusco Faith Charenten Albion Jugga Club HartsPlayer
Jack Watkinson Raykav Winterheart Other (Iceni) HartsPlayer
Peter Godfrey The Shaman Other (The Alashans) Non-FactionPlayer
Nicky Robinson Scarlet Hunters HartsPlayer
Mervyn Dennison Mabon Other (The Black Road) DragonsPlayer
Simon Chidgey s'IXsmith Beastmen HartsPlayer
Lorraine McKee The Night Crows of Albion HartsPlayer
Susan Whitaker Kachina Other (Winterspear) LionsStaff
Samantha Haynes Moth Ball Crows of Albion HartsMonster
Steve Finch Carrion Other (Das Dorf) VipersMonster
Andy Hayman Hunts in Darkness Stone Ogre Tribe VipersPlayer
Robert Stewart Loon Wildborn Other (The Frozen Court) HartsPlayer
Mark Hannatt Dean Grey Black Hand HartsMonster
Duncan Gilbert Caine Londinium HartsPlayer
Dave Elder Victor Braddock Londinium HartsPlayer
Suzanne Palmer Queen Carmyna Graytalon Other (The Ironhold of Trinity Reach) HartsPlayer
David Shaw Sir Ross People of the Harts HartsPlayer
Tim Lewis Stavros Eranti Other (Eye of Urasni) VipersPlayer
Glenn Coleman King Olaf Graytalon Other (The Ironhold of Trinity Reach) HartsPlayer
Daniel Stannard Callow Black Hand HartsPlayer
Paul Rodgers Mal The Hunters HartsMonster
Katharine Fidler Mai-Xie Other (Cathayan Colonists) UnicornsPlayer
Edward Groves Howel Winterheart Order of the Pendragon HartsMonster
Hannah Pryor Seri Seelie Court HartsMonster
Oliver George Haidyn Rothboar People of the Harts HartsPlayer
Chris Chew Master Shekel Londinium HartsStaff
Matthew Hewitt Wildfire Company of the Blackened Staff HartsStaff
Ross Knill-Macarthur Yaska Morozko - Frost King of Siberjia The Frozen Court HartsPlayer
Alice Macklin Fama exCerebelli Other (House of the Serpent) VipersPlayer
Zoe Prosser Kiera Other (Iceni) Non-FactionPlayer
Joe Jackson The White Knight Other (Nevtelen) VipersPlayer
Lynsey Brooks Napthea Other (The Accord) VipersPlayer
Elizabeth Turner Hesper Crows of Albion HartsPlayer
Fergal O'Brien Cosaint Other (Watchers) Non-FactionStaff
Toby Kinton Pwll DragonsStaff
Laura Keech Dreams of Winter Stone Ogre Tribe VipersPlayer
Angela Atkins Gem Bloodfire Crows of Albion HartsPlayer
James Thompson Sab Other (West Mauritania Trading Company) UnicornsStaff
Stuart Ledgerwood Flare Kel'Neth Company of the Blackened Staff HartsStaff
David Arnot EGG Other (Omnibus) GryphonsMonster
Lisa Boyle Maru Albion Jugga Club HartsPlayer
Bren O'Leary Echo Londinium HartsMonster
Hannah Owen-Jones Wynne Corvinae House Corvadie HartsMonster
Simon Valentine The Gentleman Soldier Crows of Albion HartsMonster
Russell Carey Grif Other (Court of the serpent) HartsPlayer
Paula Mackiewicz Lenore Black Hand HartsPlayer
Tom Armstrong Roland Fletcher Black Hand HartsPlayer
Kev Chambers Lazarus Hunter The Hunters HartsPlayer
Ciaron Lynch Felix Spencer-Nelson Other (Percy Family) GryphonsMonster
Mathew Blackham Ja'Rok Other (The Alashans) UnicornsPlayer
Fred Fisher Weathereye Beastmen HartsPlayer
Stef Lancaster Sir Cuthbert Charenten Albion Jugga Club HartsPlayer
Michael Stowers Sky Company of the Blackened Staff HartsPlayer
Arun Boyle Aerun Falcon House Falcon HartsPlayer
Daniel Boyle Teaspoon Londinium HartsPlayer
Eddie Lawler Cara Corvidae House Corvadie HartsPlayer
Andrew Kendall Sir Cawd Henriksen Caer Pendrinn HartsPlayer
Louise Godfrey Ma'ziti Other (The Alashans) UnicornsMonster
Peter Shaw Lewis Marw Other (Bloodline linked to House Corvadaie) HartsPlayer
Julie Winterbourne Saskia Other (Legion) VipersPlayer
Stuart Jebson Percival Charenten Albion Jugga Club HartsPlayer
David Lloyd Robert Anslem Other (White Tower) HartsPlayer
Shaun Keates Hipheus Kallistama Other (Alashans) UnicornsMonster
Christina Terry Saylen Hunters HartsMonster
David Skinner Edwin le Noir Other (Order of the White Tower) HartsPlayer
Spencer Moulds Hittori Other (The Frozen Court) HartsPlayer
Ian Palmer Laurence Charenten Albion Jugga Club HartsPlayer
James Hawkes Ripper Other (House Hunter) HartsPlayer
Jay Carr Tristas HartsPlayer
K8 Evans Georgie Londinium HartsPlayer
Bob Turner Flem Other (The 4th Troll Battalion) DragonsPlayer
Rich Whitaker Smash Dracha Other (Winterspear) LionsPlayer
Stephanie Waldron Alanna Edan Other (Court of Miracles) DragonsPlayer
Neil Prentice Slate Morghun Other (Morghuns) DragonsPlayer
Gary Blake Sionnach Argead DragonsMonster
Ellinor Orton Ta'Cibien Curervo Other (Frozen Court) HartsMonster
Ritchie Plumb My Lord Other (Court of the Serpent) VipersPlayer
Roland Zosseder Galam Other (Bruid) BearsMonster
Hannah Baker Virago Other (Old Erin Boys) LionsMonster
Tom Roe Salty VipersMonster
Andy Howard Hakfoo Albion Jugga Club HartsPlayer
Andrea Cradduck-Bamford Silke Other (People of the Harts) HartsMonster
Lisa Maher Lura People of the Harts HartsPlayer
Gavin Hillyer Kizzy, Bliete The Frozen Court HartsMonster
Tim Bamford Caulder Serpent Bane People of the Harts HartsMonster
Freya Robinson Marwin Crows of Albion HartsPlayer
Deklan Howells Crust Other (Dal Riada) DragonsPlayer
Grace Currah Violet Hawthorn Stagecoaches UnicornsMonster
neil parsons Kar Hunters HartsPlayer
Lara Collins Peggy Grundy Other (Das Shoppe) VipersMonster
Sean O'Dalaigh-Pulford Talan Other (People of the Lions) LionsMonster
Anthony White Magnus Snorre HartsMonster
Helen Meese Regina Bathroy House Bathroy HartsPlayer
Michael Windsor-Smith Killock Other (Namon) DragonsPlayer
Lizzi Abbitt Clarity Other (House Bathroy/ Londinium) HartsStaff
John Keech Lurks At Dusk Stone Ogre Tribe VipersPlayer
Mark Fitt Oak Other (Iceni) HartsStaff
Lilly Emma butterworth Gemini Other (Order of Helios) HartsPlayer
Richard Jeremiah Genosario Deodati Other (People of Erdreja) Non-FactionMonster
Caroline Proctor Rakadack LionsPlayer
Natalie Faulkner MonsterMcMonsterFace House Falcon VipersPlayer
Jason Boyle James Charenten Albion Jugga Club HartsPlayer
Matthew Lawler Willikins House Corvidae HartsPlayer
Nicki Kinton Staff
Kat Quatermass Monster
David Miller Monster
Nick Turner Monster
Bruce :hadeick Staff
Caroline Beadle Monster
James Crollie Monster

13 Staff, 33 Monsters, 71 Players. (117 total)

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