Event Details - Autumn Campaign 2017: The Grand Plan: Winter is not coming

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This year we are trying something a little different as discussed during the AGM we ran the spring event at a lower ticket price and larger numbers to offset this Autumn event which has an increased ticket price but finite player numbers.

The Grand Plan: Winter is not coming!
November 17-19
Willesley Campsite,
LE65 2UP

Medium Combat, High Threat.

Monstering, booking is now open for monsters the event will include good varied roles and be suitable for noncoms to support in various ways. Caggles Catering is available at £25 per person and we recommend taking us up on this option both because the food is amazing but also because If not enough people book for catering the faction have to pay the difference, this effects our ability to invest in future events and to offer things like the complementary, hot, late night Monster Pies that are a usual feature of Harts Events.

We are full on player bookings,

We are operating a queue system to ensure we manage the numbers so your order wont go through automatically.
There are limited bunks available at the site we are using.

Preference will be given to medical requirements and monsters.

If you would like to register interest please email command@hartsofalbion.co.uk

We will confirm if you do or do not have a bunk 2 weeks before the event.

Strength Through Unity


To the Loyal Members of the Court of the Pendragon Throne, HAIL!
 It is well known that Londinium has risen from beneath the waves, thanks to the great efforts of the Ritualists of Albion. It is also known that those unable to escape the city at the Fall of Albion remain there still, in a most lamentable way.

This little we know due to the efforts of our scouts. In order to mount a full and proper reclamation of Londinium we must, of course, know more.

Those unfortunate creatures who now haunt the streets and ways of Londinium were once subjects of the Pendragon Throne, and thus it is our duty to lay them to rest with all expediency, and reclaim the city for those poor and displaced subjects who desire to return home. To do this, we must first observe and plan.

Therefore, come the Winter, at the request and instruction of His Grace the Lord Protector, I shall assemble a small expeditionary force to set forth from the shores of Albion to the 'Isles' of Londinium.

First and foremost, our goal is to gather intelligence - to survey the land, gauge the best locations for the beachheads and entry points our troops require, and to report all that we see to the Pendragon Throne.

Our secondary aim is to secure a strategic location from which we might begin our efforts to reclaim the great city of Londinium. This will be no easy feat - there will be risk and danger - you will need your wits about you.

Be under no false impression - we are marching into the unknown, into unmapped isles, unnatural fog banks, and the ever present risk of attack by the hordes of Unliving that now call that city theirs. This
endeavor is a vital first step on the road to reclaiming and purifying that city.

The Pendragon Throne requests and requires that those of you willing to undertake this dangerous and important mission present yourselves at the encampment at Harmer Green. On on the seventeenth day of the eleventh month we shall set out, and do what must be done.

Albion Prevails. In Faith and Servitude, Wyndrake Winterheart Duke of Keswick - Lord of the Fells

The people below have booked and paid for this event

OOC First NameOOC SurnameIC NameGroupFactionBooking As
Jonathan Harden Dusk Beastmen HartsPlayer
Max Harden Graf Dog Beastmen HartsPlayer
James Goulding Raphael Other (Harts Command) HartsStaff
aaron Morrison Jasper "The peoples knight" Orlaine Londinium HartsPlayer
Andrew Abbitt Mat Londinium HartsPlayer
Mervyn Dennison Mabon Other (The Black Road) DragonsPlayer
Simon Chidgey s'IXsmith Beastmen HartsPlayer
Mark Hannatt Dean Grey Black Hand HartsMonster
Dave Elder Victor Braddock Londinium HartsPlayer
Suzanne Palmer Queen Carmyna Graytalon Other (The Ironhold of Trinity Reach) HartsPlayer
Glenn Coleman King Olaf Graytalon Other (The Ironhold of Trinity Reach) HartsPlayer
Edward Groves Howel Winterheart Order of the Pendragon HartsMonster
Oliver George Haidyn Rothboar People of the Harts HartsMonster
Ross Knill-Macarthur Yaska Morozko - Frost King of Siberjia The Frozen Court HartsPlayer
Fergal O'Brien Cosaint Other (Watchers) Non-FactionPlayer
Stuart Ledgerwood Flare Kel'Neth Company of the Blackened Staff HartsMonster
Fred Fisher Weathereye Beastmen HartsMonster
Eddie Lawler Cara Corvidae House Corvadie HartsStaff
Spencer Moulds Hittori Other (The Frozen Court) HartsPlayer
David LeBlanc Joseph Stone Other (Order of the Pendragon) HartsPlayer
Gavin Bodill Theo D'Arby Albion Jugga Club HartsPlayer
Lisa Maher Lura People of the Harts HartsStaff
Danny Leitch King Wyndrake Pendragon People of the Harts HartsStaff
Lucille Guthrie Saph Iceni HartsMonster
Matthew Guthrie I'm not real StaffMonster
Alistair Davitt Wulf The Hunters HartsStaff
david barrett chackra The Hunters HartsPlayer
Michael Younger Lucan Bathroy Order of the Pendragon HartsMonster
Henry Hamilton Karl Morgan Mackintash Trading Collective HartsPlayer
Grace Mayne Shizznoe Other (Court of the Crimson Dune) JackalsMonster
Katy Fisher Eleanor Karlennon Other (People of the Harts.) HartsPlayer
Alexander Delaney Grom Other (The Ironhold of Trinity Reach ) HartsMonster
Matt Collier Davian "Dags" Walker Londinium HartsPlayer
Vicky Dow Quinn Order of the Pendragon HartsPlayer
Sandra Bond Quex Mackintash Trading Collective HartsPlayer
Tristan Jackson Quentin People of the Harts HartsStaff
Robert Benefer Pisces Other (Order of Helios) HartsPlayer
Peter Forrester Cygnus Other (Order of Helios) HartsPlayer
Edward Anderson Verdant Other (People of the Unicorns) UnicornsMonster
Alex White Einar Crows of Albion HartsMonster
Charlotte Henderson Purr The Frozen Court HartsPlayer
Anthony White Magnus Snorre HartsPlayer
Ed Murray Levistus Styx Other (WMTC) UnicornsMonster
Chris Norman Richard Neville Mackintash Trading Collective HartsMonster
Chloe Mason Rowena Ashford Order of Nethras HartsPlayer
Sophie Warren Gomie People of the Harts HartsMonster
David Hollowell Jake Londinium HartsMonster
Nathan McDonald Wyck Carden House Falcon HartsPlayer
Bronagh Patterson Ash Other (Order of Nethras) HartsMonster
Chris Shaw Kristos D Kolo Order of the Pendragon HartsPlayer
Dominic Steeley Thorin Dreamstruck Other (Witches of Essex) HartsMonster
Amber Phelps Isabella House Corvadie HartsMonster
Steven Woods Jon Other (The Order Of Nethras) HartsMonster
Kristof Van der Auwera Kommissar Skum Other (95th Foot and Mouth/The Faculty) HartsPlayer
Dave Miller JAX-UR Other (People Of The Wolves) WolvesMonster
James Harris Oka Mackintash Trading Collective HartsMonster
Shaun Keable Charles Falcon House Falcon HartsPlayer
Alexander Warden Corvus D'Arby Other (Order of Nethras) HartsMonster
Helen Greenhowe Octavia Other (Omnibus) GryphonsMonster
Gemma Smith Kalisha DragonsMonster
Peter Warnock Toolz Other (WMTC) LionsMonster
Matthew Batchelor Diev Order of Nethras HartsMonster
Dave Young Isambrand UnicornsPlayer
Lizzi Abbitt Clarity Other (House Bathroy/ Londinium) HartsPlayer
Jessica Younger Delphi De Blays House Bathroy HartsMonster
Jason Garfitt Verbrand Other (The Order of Mortis) HartsMonster
Carl Frow Impberon Other (Starcrafts) VipersMonster
Mark Fitt Oak Other (Iceni) HartsStaff
Lilly Emma butterworth Gemini Other (Order of Helios) HartsPlayer
Richard Jeremiah Genosario Deodati Other (People of Erdreja) Non-FactionStaff
Caroline Proctor Rakadack LionsStaff
Natalie Faulkner MonsterMcMonsterFace House Falcon VipersPlayer
Vicki Barre May Other (Iceni) HartsPlayer
Arun Boyle Monster
Charlotte Barratt Staff
Robert Elliott Monster
Jamie Rogers Monster

10 Staff, 34 Monsters, 34 Players. (78 total)

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