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Dear Peoples of Albion, Cymrja, Erin and Mauritainja,

Over the years I have been invited to attend the gathering of the Dragons and Harts for the festival of Midsummer. I have the honour of hosting the festival in the Guildhouse of Rockholme and inviting the people of my home nation.

Please join myself, the guild, the people of Albion, Cymria, Erin and Mauritainja to celebrate summer in Rockholme.

It should be noted that this meeting will be under the laws of the Guilds and as such, those of all pattern persuasion are permitted to attend. Anyone who would interfere with this will be met with the full force of the guild’s judgement.

This is in agreement with the factions in attendance and has their full support.


Saph, Arch High Incantor



From the dedicated/crazy teams that brought you:

"The Battle of Borthawr", "The Grand Plan: Winter is not Coming", "Chasing Shadows", and "Renunciation" comes a summer social of epic proportions.
That's right! The Dragons, the Harts, the Incantors, and the Unicorns are teaming up this June, to bring you a damn fine "relaxing" summer "social".
Dates: 22-24 June
Location: The Wilderness Centre, Wilderness Drive, Plump Hill, Mitcheldean GL17 0HA

Bunks shall be allocated around June 7th. Payment will be taken on the gate for bunks.

Please do not add young persons personal details. We will collect these on the gate to help improve data security especially for young persons.

We are happy to say that everyone who was pre registered has got a space.

If you did not pre-register and still wish to come along please contact me as a very small number of tickets are still available.

The people below have booked and paid for this event

OOC First NameOOC SurnameIC NameGroupFactionBooking As
Christopher Lamb Caster of Red Other (House Plantagenet) HartsPlayer
Jenny Barrett Smells Hunters HartsPlayer
James Goulding Raphael Other (Harts Command) HartsStaff
Rosie Woolley Zeal Other (Battalion of Echoes) LionsStaff
Minna Wilke Saber Lily Other (House Plantagenet) HartsPlayer
Peter Godfrey The Shaman Other (The Alashans) Non-FactionPlayer
Mervyn Dennison Mabon Other (The Black Road) DragonsPlayer
Lorraine McKee The Night Crows of Albion HartsPlayer
Andy Hayman Hunts in Darkness Stone Ogre Tribe VipersStaff
Duncan Gilbert Caine Londinium HartsPlayer
David Shaw Sir Ross People of the Harts HartsStaff
Elizabeth Turner Hesper Crows of Albion HartsStaff
Laura Keech Dreams of Winter Stone Ogre Tribe VipersPlayer
Kev Chambers Lazarus Hunter The Hunters HartsStaff
Will Lucas Wallace Banks Stagecoaches UnicornsPlayer
Christina Terry Saylen Hunters HartsPlayer
Harry Sutcliffe Culkin Other (Dal Riada) VipersPlayer
Lisa Maher Lura People of the Harts HartsPlayer
Iestyn Evans Achos Other (Green Company) DragonsPlayer
Lucille Guthrie Saph Iceni HartsStaff
Matthew Guthrie I'm not real StaffStaff
Ben Price Trip Hazard Other (Stone Ogre Tribe) VipersPlayer
Alice price caitlyn Other (Eye of Urasni) VipersPlayer
Shell Robshaw-Bryan Seraphin The Hunters HartsPlayer
Ross Fisher Damian UnicornsPlayer
Alex Connolly Maldurr Stagecoaches UnicornsStaff
Grace Currah Violet Hawthorn Stagecoaches UnicornsPlayer
Max Anthony Fate Weaver Other (Talcontar Collective) UnicornsPlayer
Sarah Rose Ide Other (Leinster) DragonsPlayer
Andrew Kendall Cawd Henriksen Caer Pendrinn HartsPlayer
antony barberis Faarooq Other (leinster) DragonsPlayer
Matthew Colbeck Irvine Other (People of the unicorns) UnicornsPlayer
Matt Collier Davian "Dags" Walker Londinium HartsPlayer
Nick Muir Dwyn Na Buach Other (Dal Riada) DragonsStaff
Neil Farnsworth Emmrys ap Cymrija Other (The Court of Cymrija) DragonsPlayer
Isabelle Farnsworth Gwen Other (The Court of Cymrija) DragonsPlayer
Douglas Watson Feyd Other (People of the Dragon) DragonsStaff
Char Seward Farwander Other (People of the Dragon) DragonsPlayer
Shell Cleland Meisgyn / Ceilidh Other (Court of Cymrija) DragonsPlayer
Edward Anderson Verdant Other (People of the Unicorns) UnicornsStaff
James McArdle Dyrt Other (Ol' Erin Boys) LionsPlayer
Mary Fitt Sally Londinium HartsPlayer
Alex White Einar Crows of Albion HartsPlayer
Ben Snape Thorkin Other (Court of cymria) DragonsStaff
Philippa Walker Gwen Other (Northern Court/Green Company) DragonsPlayer
Daniel Walker Captain Devlin Hawksmoor Other (People of the Dragon) DragonsPlayer
Matt Stockton Hodari Other (The Last Word) LionsPlayer
Gregory Page Varrick Pen Cethren UnicornsPlayer
Abigail Bowhen Tabitha Pen Cethren UnicornsStaff
Ed Murray Levistus Styx Other (WMTC) UnicornsPlayer
Chris Norman Richard Neville Mackintash Trading Collective HartsPlayer
Chloe Mason Rowena Ashford Order of Nethras HartsPlayer
Sophie Warren Gomie People of the Harts HartsPlayer
James Goode Robert Thornwood Other (Talcontar Collective) UnicornsPlayer
Bronagh Patterson Ash Other (Order of Nethras) HartsPlayer
Michael Windsor-Smith Killock Other (Namon) DragonsPlayer
Dominic Steeley Thorin Dreamstruck Other (Witches of Essex) HartsPlayer
Alexander Warden Corvus D'Arby Other (Order of Nethras) HartsPlayer
Peter Warnock Toolz Other (WMTC) LionsPlayer
Matthew Batchelor Diev Order of Nethras HartsPlayer
Lizzi Abbitt Clarity Other (House Bathroy/ Londinium) HartsPlayer
Duncan McDonald Magni Copperbeard Other (WMTC) UnicornsPlayer
Craig Hallett Christophe Other (Knights of Ancalime) UnicornsPlayer
Stephen Sayers Crinkle Other (Black Isle) BearsPlayer
Amy Leverington Tiff Other (Leinster) DragonsPlayer
Dave Driver Da Kaptin Other (West Mauritanjan Trading Company (WMTC)) UnicornsPlayer
Steph Nidd Esme Other (The Phoenix Company) UnicornsPlayer
Victoria Kerry Ebby Other (Phoenix Company//People of the Unicorns) UnicornsPlayer
Helen Meese Regina Bathroy House Bathroy HartsPlayer
John Keech Lurks At Dusk Stone Ogre Tribe VipersPlayer
Alexander Kerry Fior Other (People of the Unicorns) UnicornsPlayer
Kat Farr Commodore Bellany Other (WMTC) UnicornsPlayer
David Divine Dozer (Ricochet) Pen Cethren UnicornsPlayer
Amy Lisle Jenny Other (Talcontar Collective) UnicornsPlayer
James Bowen Orin Other (Talcontar Collective) UnicornsStaff
Robert Griffiths Blaze Other (Pen Cethren) UnicornsPlayer
Phillip Humfrey Madeen Other (Dal Riada) DragonsPlayer
Cole Hathaway Willow-Bark Other (Witches of Essex) HartsPlayer
Gavin Laing Pliskin Other (Court of Cymrija) DragonsPlayer
CJ Bateman Cassius Morghun Other (Morghuns) DragonsPlayer
Dan Stayt Spineshank Other (Witches of Essex) HartsPlayer
Ashley Marsh Ballest Other (WMTC) UnicornsPlayer
Lucy Childs Coca Other (Leinster ) DragonsPlayer
Gareth Morgan Carrion Other (People of the unicorns ) UnicornsStaff
Jason Garfitt Verbrand Other (The Order of Mortis) HartsStaff
Roger Bateman Regor Morghun Other (Morghuns) DragonsPlayer
Ann Bateman Elena Morghun Other (Morghuns) DragonsPlayer
Carl Frow Impberon Other (Starcrafts) VipersPlayer
Mark Fitt Oak Other (Iceni) HartsPlayer
Ken Reay Kweethul Pen Cethren UnicornsPlayer
Oliver Hathaway Frank Castle Other (People of the Lions) LionsStaff
Richard Jeremiah Genosario Deodati Other (People of Erdreja) Non-FactionPlayer
Caroline Proctor Rakadack LionsStaff
Vicki Barre May Other (Iceni) HartsPlayer

19 Staff, 75 Players. (94 total)

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