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Midwinter 1120: A Noble Oath

You are cordially invited to Castleford Hall for the Celebration of the Feast of Midwinter.

Lady Tathri'al Thorn, Baroness Castleford, and the Widow Hulce, Countess Ellenbrooke, invite the peoples and allies of the Realm of Albion to celebrate the ancient Albione tradition of Oathsnight. 

This festival to take place at the newly-built baronial hall, in the presence of His Majesty the King.

Our legends tell us that on such nights as these the veil between the Plane of the Ancestors and our own grows thin. Oaths of all kinds sworn upon this night are witnessed by the Ancestors themselves. They are, therefore, more binding, and to break such an oath incurs the Wrath of the Ancestors.

In addition this Oathsnight, for His Majesty's entertainment, the loyal folk of the Duchy of Gloucester challenge those of His Majesty's realm (and honoured guests from overseas) to a contest of original bardic performance, the winner to receive some mark of the His Majesty's favour.

Worcester Guildhall
High Street,

Saturday 29th February 2020

The cost of a ticket is 35.00 GBP and includes food as noted below.

There is also the option to pay 35.00 GBP with a 5.00 GBP voluntary contribution to Faction funds.

Tickets will need to be paid in full by 8th February.

Age limit:
18+ (16+ only by arrangement with Harts Command)

Your ticket includes a mixed buffet (and veggie alternatives), and selection of desserts.

Doors shall open at 18:00 sharp and timeout is planned to be called at 23:00 with departure from venue by 00:00 latest.

The site operates a cash bar, real actual legal tender is strongly recommended.

If you plan to book as staff to contact Harts Command in advance.

Sanctioning Offcer:
Kev Chambers

Bookings will OPEN on Friday 27th September.
Bookings close at some point thereafter.

Return Pack:
Available here: 

OOC Meeting:
We do not intend to run our traditional OOC Meeting over the course of this weekend. More details to follow.

For further details or queries about the event please contact the Harts of Albion Command Team at command@hartsofalbion.co.uk

Cancellation Policy:
Tickets cancelled with more than TWO weeks until the event date will receive a full refund, minus PayPal fees. Tickets cancelled between ONE and TWO weeks before the event date will receive a 50% refund if the ticket cannot be allocated to another player (if you or we manage to find another player to take up your ticket, you will receive a full refund) due to the fact that we will have already paid money for Props, Sites, Fees, etc, based on numbers up to that point. If you cancel your booking in the 7 days leading up to the event, you will not be entitled to a refund.

PLEASE NOTE: The Harts of Albion reserve the right to refuse a player/monster/staff booking at our discretion. The Harts of Albion do not operate a gate-booking system for players/monsters/staff - if you are not booked on the event then for insurance purposes you will be asked to leave site. Please do not set off without booking first, as we would not like to have to turn you away.

The people below have booked and paid for this event

OOC First NameOOC SurnameIC NameGroupFactionBooking As
Jonathan Harden Dusk Beastmen HartsPlayer
Max Harden Graf Dog Beastmen HartsPlayer
Jenny Barrett Smells Hunters HartsPlayer
James Goulding Raphael Other (Harts Command) HartsPlayer
aaron Morrison Jasper "The peoples knight" Orlaine Londinium HartsPlayer
Andrew Abbitt Mat Londinium HartsPlayer
Jack Watkinson Raykav Winterheart Other (Iceni) HartsPlayer
Nicky Robinson Scarlet Hunters HartsPlayer
Lorraine McKee The Night Crows of Albion HartsPlayer
Susan Whitaker Kachina Other (Winterspear) LionsPlayer
Duncan Gilbert Caine Londinium HartsPlayer
Suzanne Palmer Queen Carmyna Graytalon Other (The Ironhold of Trinity Reach) HartsPlayer
David Shaw Sir Ross People of the Harts HartsPlayer
Glenn Coleman King Olaf Graytalon Other (The Ironhold of Trinity Reach) HartsPlayer
Edward Groves Howel Winterheart Order of the Pendragon HartsPlayer
Oliver George Haidyn Rothboar People of the Harts HartsPlayer
Zoe Prosser Kiera Other (Iceni) Non-FactionPlayer
Fergal O'Brien Cosaint Other (Watchers) Non-FactionPlayer
Stuart Ledgerwood Flare Kel'Neth Company of the Blackened Staff HartsPlayer
David Arnot EGG Other (Omnibus) GryphonsPlayer
Lisa Boyle Maru Albion Jugga Club HartsPlayer
Kev Chambers Lazarus Hunter The Hunters HartsPlayer
Fred Fisher Weathereye Beastmen HartsPlayer
Stef Lancaster Sir Cuthbert Charenten Albion Jugga Club HartsPlayer
Eddie Lawler Cara Corvidae House Corvadie HartsPlayer
Andrew Kendall Sir Cawd Henriksen Caer Pendrinn HartsPlayer
David Skinner Edwin le Noir Other (Order of the White Tower) HartsPlayer
Spencer Moulds Hittori Other (The Frozen Court) HartsPlayer
K8 Evans Georgie Londinium HartsPlayer
Stephanie Waldron Alanna Edan Other (Court of Miracles) DragonsPlayer
David LeBlanc Joseph Stone Other (Order of the Pendragon) HartsPlayer
Gareth Young Icthus Company of the Blackened Staff HartsPlayer
Zoie Watterson Iskaria Cross Company of the Blackened Staff HartsPlayer
Andrea Cradduck-Bamford Silke Other (People of the Harts) HartsPlayer
Lisa Maher Lura People of the Harts HartsPlayer
Danny Leitch King Wyndrake Pendragon People of the Harts HartsPlayer
Anthony Chapman Sir Markham Evenwind Other (Winterspear) LionsPlayer
Martin Evans Snowy McTaff Other (Starcrafts ) VipersPlayer
Lucille Guthrie Saph Iceni HartsPlayer
Giles Crompton-Howe Smiler Other (Silver Court) LionsPlayer
Michael Younger Lucan Bathroy Order of the Pendragon HartsPlayer
Tim Bamford Caulder Serpent Bane People of the Harts HartsPlayer
Emily Bree Richards Queen Breanna Pendragon Other (The order of the Nethras) HartsPlayer
John O'Neill Orien Other (House Brass ) JackalsPlayer
David Hollowell Jake Londinium HartsPlayer
Katy Fisher Eleanor Karlennon Other (People of the Harts.) HartsPlayer
Juliet Brind Tamara Minoo Barto Hunters HartsPlayer
catriona stuart Ehlana Bedswell Londinium HartsPlayer
jez Crawford-Thomson Gunnulf Mooseknuckle Other (Skythbladnir) BearsPlayer
Neil Lyus Aonghus MacRoth Other (Clan MacRoth) StaffPlayer
Sarah Johnson Arya Darkendale Other (Great Library) Non-FactionPlayer
Sarah Brennan Ravenfire Other (Ol' Erin Boys) LionsPlayer
Alex White Einar Crows of Albion HartsPlayer
Matt Stockton Hodari Other (The Last Word) LionsPlayer
Rachel Prince Amy Redman Other (Winter Spear) LionsPlayer
Briege Grant Alrisha Neverwinter Other (Alharas Al'harimin) JackalsPlayer
Ella Gibbons Rowan Ellwood Other (Order of Nethras) HartsPlayer
Rob Sellwood Brudei Other (Clan Na Cladach) BearsPlayer
Daniel Bailey Donald McAylwyn Other (Clan McAylwyn) BearsPlayer
Emma Harris Tath Other (Silva Nobilis) HartsPlayer
Chris Norman Richard Neville Mackintash Trading Collective HartsPlayer
Chloe Mason Rowena Ashford Order of Nethras HartsPlayer
Sophie Warren Gomie People of the Harts HartsPlayer
Helen Meese Regina Bathroy House Bathroy HartsPlayer
India Cottiss Althea Crows of Albion HartsPlayer
David Garrick Bennett D'Arby Other (Silva Nobilis) HartsPlayer
Bronagh Patterson Ash Other (Order of Nethras) HartsPlayer
Alex Rose Lochan Other (Clan Na Cladach) BearsPlayer
Lex Head Callearn Other (Clan McCaullich) BearsPlayer
Michael Windsor-Smith Killock Other (Namon) DragonsPlayer
Dominic Steeley Thorin Dreamstruck Other (Witches of Essex) HartsPlayer
Steven Woods Jon Other (The Order Of Nethras) HartsPlayer
Shaun Keable Charles Falcon House Falcon HartsPlayer
Alexander Warden Corvus D'Arby Other (Order of Nethras) HartsPlayer
Matthew Batchelor Diev Order of Nethras HartsPlayer
Lizzi Abbitt Clarity Other (House Bathroy/ Londinium) HartsPlayer
Rachel Garrick Eleri Hulce Other (Silva Nobilis) HartsPlayer
Sarah Huxley Eithne (Enya) Other (The Sinclair Family) HartsPlayer
Jonathan Savage Emanuel Gardez Other (De la Luna) GryphonsPlayer
Suzy Bennett Evig Other (IronHold of Trinity Reach) HartsPlayer
Ian Palmer Laurence Charenten Albion Jugga Club HartsPlayer
Andrew Headland Captain Talan Other (IronHold of Trinity Reach) HartsPlayer
Niamh Carey Lord Silver Other (Silver Court) LionsPlayer
Dan Stayt Spineshank Other (Witches of Essex) HartsPlayer
Mark Fitt Oak Other (Iceni) HartsPlayer
James Winward-Stuart Ilya Domovoi The Frozen Court HartsPlayer
Benita Lilley Merope Other (The Walkers) VipersPlayer
Frances McQuillan Judith D'Arby Other (Silva Nobilis) HartsPlayer
Eve Russell de Clifford Stella McMead Other (Clan McMead ) BearsPlayer
Richard Quinlan Kail Avery Crows of Albion HartsPlayer
Caroline Young Hazel Other (Silva Nobilis) HartsPlayer
Bill Smith Ector Sinclair Other (The Sinclair Family) HartsPlayer
Gregg Bond Cabe Mackintash Trading Collective HartsPlayer
Megan Slater Moira Swiftfingers Other (The Crew) DragonsPlayer
Gareth Young William Randoph Hulce Other (Silva Nobilis) HartsPlayer
Luke Mines Logan Henroth Other (Silva Nobilis) HartsPlayer
Richard Jeremiah Genosario Deodati Other (People of Erdreja) Non-FactionPlayer
Helen Burton Runa Other (Sisters of The Three ) WolvesPlayer
Ross Wood Elias Karlennon Other (Silva Nobilis) HartsPlayer
Lolli Thei Scarper HartsPlayer
Wendy Crocker Elara Mackintash Trading Collective HartsPlayer
Jack Baldwin Brundin Other (Ironhold of Trinity Reach) HartsPlayer
Ben Addison Ezrinn Illanthil Mackintash Trading Collective HartsPlayer
Jonathan Woodhouse Braeys Other (Leinster ) DragonsPlayer
Thomas Scott Regis Cornix Great House Corvidae HartsPlayer
Jay Carr Mister Barney Knuckles HartsPlayer
Michelle Keable Kiaya Rannon House Falcon HartsPlayer
Vicki Barre May Other (Iceni) HartsPlayer
James Harris Pick Mackintash Trading Collective HartsPlayer
Sharon Dodd Sinfay Order of the Pendragon HartsPlayer
John Fotherby Brandon Barthez Other (Reapers) HartsPlayer
Alexander Blessing Rathdon Other (The Reapers) HartsPlayer
Keir Hattersley Jackobe Other (The Reapers) HartsPlayer
Rachel Reid Avery Ravencross Company of the Blackened Staff HartsPlayer
David Barrett Chackra HartsPlayer
Thomas Jackson Ket Karlennon Other (De La Luna) GryphonsPlayer
Jason Boyle James Charenten Albion Jugga Club HartsPlayer
Anne Stokes Celeste Albany Other (Silva Nobilis) HartsPlayer
Matthew Lawler Willikins House Corvidae HartsPlayer
Gary Kennedy Carson Bankes Company of the Blackened Staff HartsPlayer
Jon Rainey Brand Karlennon Company of the Blackened Staff HartsPlayer
Jade Parsonage Isla Other (Court of Tears) BearsPlayer
Jade Choudhury Sundrop HartsPlayer
Hannah Smallridge Saga Other (Na Cladach) BearsPlayer
Tyron Couch Couch Moonshadow Other (Ghostwalkers) UnicornsPlayer

0 Staff, 125 Players. (125 total)

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