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Event Pack now available: http://www.hartsofalbion.co.uk/events/Albion-Rises-Event-Pack.pdf

Your Majesty, Ladies, Lords and friends, It is with great honour that I invite you to the island of Sarnia part of the Barony of The Sundered Isles in the Duchy of Winchester for a great feast and celebration at Yule. Sarnia has risen from the sea, where it rested under the protection of Manannan hidden away from the prying eyes of Calligar and Dolorous waiting for the worthy to reclaim it. I have led the charge for the return of my homelands over the seas and in no small part to the dedication, strength, guile and sacrifice of both the Harts and our Allies it has been returned, like a symbol for how Albion is rising from destruction cresting a wave with renewed vigour.

Yule is a time of rebirth, a time to reaffirm old allegiances, a time to celebrate that which you have gained and a time to remember those that we lost. It is with that in mind that I open the doors to the great hall of Sarnia, surrounded by the beautiful rose gardens that the island is famous for.

I look forward to seeing you and drinking with you and remember it’s an old Albion tradition to bring your host large expensive presents!

Yours faithfully

Baron Jasper Orlaine of the Sundered Isles, Lord Admiral of Albion, Master of the Perfect, Storm Lord of Manannan

My dearest and beloved countrymen, our dearest friends, Albion prevails! We have withstood assaults on our bodies, our minds and our land. We have overcome it all. We have taken back Winchester, Marchwood and most recently Warwick. Albion is ours. Now it has come to light through Lord Admiral Jasper that the islands of Sarnia and Orlaine have returned to us from beneath the waves completing our realm. At his invitation we will travel to Sarnia for a celebration of all we have achieved, and at what better time. Yule is soon upon us and we have much to celebrate.

To everyone who thought this would be the Fall of Albion I say no. It is time to celebrate, eat, drink, toast, remember the fallen and rejoice in our victories. We will take Sarnia and Orlaine as an example to us all; there will be no Fall, Albion Rises!

Queen Eloise Hunter

OOC Event Details

St. Mary's Guildhall,
Bayley Lane,

Saturday 23rd January 2016

The cost of a ticket is 38GBP and includes food as noted below.

Albion Rises! includes a mixed buffet including warm meats (and veggie alternatives).
The selection shall be posted on the Facebook event linked below shortly.


Time in shall be 18:30 sharp and timeout is planned to be called at 23:30.

Combat and Weapons:
Due to the nature of the venue, combat will not be allowed within the hall itself, however there is a courtyard area for consensual roleplay. We suggest that you leave your larger weapons at home.

Paying by cheque:
Please make cheques payable to:  Harts of Albion.
Send cheques to: 
Harts of Albion,
72 Stopgate Lane,
L9 6AR

Bookings online:
Bookings online will invite you to pay via PayPal. We are happy for you to do this! However, please consider paying by cheque (in post to address above) which will save the Faction nearly 2 pounds per booking. You can book electronically then send the cheque IMMEDIATELY in the post.

For further details or queries about the event please contact the Harts of Albion Command Team at command@hartsofalbion.co.uk

The people below have booked and paid for this event

OOC First NameOOC SurnameIC NameGroupFactionBooking As
Jonathan Harden Dusk Beastmen HartsPlayer
Max Harden Graf Dog Beastmen HartsPlayer
Christopher Lamb Caster of Red Other (House Plantagenet) HartsPlayer
Jenny Barrett Smells Hunters HartsPlayer
James Goulding Raphael Other (Harts Command) HartsPlayer
Minna Wilke Saber Lily Other (House Plantagenet) HartsPlayer
Elizabeth Mackie Jenn Other (People of erdreja ) HartsPlayer
aaron Morrison Jasper "The peoples knight" Orlaine Londinium HartsPlayer
Andrew Abbitt Mat Londinium HartsPlayer
Lucy Fusco Faith Charenten Albion Jugga Club HartsPlayer
Jack Watkinson Raykav Winterheart Other (Iceni) HartsPlayer
Peter Godfrey The Shaman Other (The Alashans) Non-FactionPlayer
Nicky Robinson Scarlet Hunters HartsPlayer
Lorraine McKee The Night Crows of Albion HartsPlayer
Samantha Haynes Moth Ball Crows of Albion HartsPlayer
Duncan Gilbert Caine Londinium HartsPlayer
Dave Elder Victor Braddock Londinium HartsPlayer
Suzanne Palmer Queen Carmyna Graytalon Other (The Ironhold of Trinity Reach) HartsPlayer
David Shaw Sir Ross People of the Harts HartsStaff
Theo Banks Solomon Helm House Corvadie HartsPlayer
Emma Banks Alyssa Tregorran House Corvadie HartsPlayer
Tim Lewis Stavros Eranti Other (Eye of Urasni) VipersPlayer
Daniel Stannard Callow Black Hand HartsPlayer
Oliver George Haidyn Rothboar People of the Harts HartsPlayer
Chris Chew Master Shekel Londinium HartsPlayer
Ross Knill-Macarthur Yaska Morozko - Frost King of Siberjia The Frozen Court HartsPlayer
Elizabeth Turner Hesper Crows of Albion HartsPlayer
Fergal O'Brien Cosaint Other (Watchers) Non-FactionPlayer
Stuart Ledgerwood Flare Kel'Neth Company of the Blackened Staff HartsPlayer
Bren O'Leary Echo Londinium HartsPlayer
Kev Chambers Lazarus Hunter The Hunters HartsPlayer
Mathew Blackham Ja'Rok Other (The Alashans) UnicornsPlayer
Fred Fisher Weathereye Beastmen HartsPlayer
Stef Lancaster Sir Cuthbert Charenten Albion Jugga Club HartsPlayer
Becca Child Raya Other (Percys) GryphonsPlayer
Eddie Lawler Cara Corvidae House Corvadie HartsPlayer
Christina Terry Saylen Hunters HartsPlayer
David Skinner Edwin le Noir Other (Order of the White Tower) HartsPlayer
Ian Palmer Laurence Charenten Albion Jugga Club HartsPlayer
Stephanie Waldron Alanna Edan Other (Court of Miracles) DragonsPlayer
Harry Sutcliffe Culkin Other (Dal Riada) VipersPlayer
Andy McDonald Laszlo von Saponatheim Other (Court of the Crimson Dune) JackalsPlayer
Gareth Young Icthus Company of the Blackened Staff HartsPlayer
Zoie Watterson Iskaria Cross Company of the Blackened Staff HartsPlayer
Gavin Bodill Theo D'Arby Albion Jugga Club HartsPlayer
Iestyn Evans Achos Other (Green Company) DragonsPlayer
Danny Leitch King Wyndrake Pendragon People of the Harts HartsPlayer
Gavin Hillyer Kizzy, Bliete The Frozen Court HartsPlayer
Lucille Guthrie Saph Iceni HartsPlayer
Shell Robshaw-Bryan Seraphin The Hunters HartsPlayer
Alistair Davitt Wulf The Hunters HartsPlayer
Nathan McDonald Wyck Carden House Carden HartsPlayer
Nick Meredith T.B.A. People of the Harts HartsPlayer
Freya Robinson Marwin Crows of Albion HartsPlayer
Emily Bree Richards Queen Breanna Pendragon Other (The order of the Nethras) HartsPlayer
Deklan Howells Crust Other (Dal Riada) DragonsPlayer
Henry Hamilton Karl Morgan Mackintash Trading Collective HartsPlayer
Sarah Rose Ide Other (Leinster) DragonsPlayer
Josh Howell Caspaar Fitzroy Other (Watchers of Erdreja) StaffPlayer
Andrew Kendall Cawd Henriksen Caer Pendrinn HartsPlayer
David Hollowell Jake Londinium HartsPlayer
neil parsons Kar Hunters HartsPlayer
Stuart Williams Marcus Order of the Pendragon HartsPlayer
Katy Fisher Eleanor Karlennon Other (People of the Harts.) HartsPlayer
sue allen Pee Dee Seelie Court HartsPlayer
Charli Solomon ashby Lady HartsPlayer
Alexander Delaney Grom Other (The Ironhold of Trinity Reach ) HartsPlayer
Howard Alleway Alph Other (Das Shoppe) VipersPlayer
Steve Pink Dorian Other (Ze Family) GryphonsPlayer
Samantha Dye Tails Other (Old Erin Boys) LionsPlayer
john clark f'Akename Beastmen HartsPlayer
Juliet Brind Tamara Minoo Barto Hunters HartsPlayer
catriona stuart Ehlana Bedswell Londinium HartsPlayer
Vicky Dow Quinn Order of the Pendragon HartsPlayer
Sandra Bond Quex Mackintash Trading Collective HartsPlayer
Ryan Evans Kargan Other (Leinster) DragonsPlayer
Lara Collins Peggy Grundy Other (Das Shoppe) Vipers
Helen Meese Regina Bathroy House Bathroy HartsPlayer
Michael Windsor-Smith Killock Other (Namon) DragonsPlayer
Lizzi Abbitt Clarity Other (House Bathroy/ Londinium) HartsPlayer
Craig Hallett Christophe Other (Knights of Ancalime) UnicornsPlayer
Mark Fitt Oak Other (Iceni) HartsPlayer
Stacey McCalmont Orla Likho The Frozen Court HartsPlayer
Lilly Emma butterworth Gemini Other (Order of Helios) HartsPlayer
Richard Jeremiah Genosario Deodati Other (People of Erdreja) Non-FactionPlayer
Caroline Proctor Rakadack LionsPlayer
Natalie Faulkner MonsterMcMonsterFace House Falcon VipersPlayer
Vicki Barre May Other (Iceni) HartsPlayer
John Lee Pellett Player

1 Staff, 87 Players. (88 total)

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