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As our armies move to reinforce and secure the open areas of Albion we as the court invite the strongest and smartest of the Heartlands and Southlands to Chapel Perilous to aid in the protection of our Queen and resolution of the threat Calligar has posed upon this land for too long. But we cannot focus only on the weeks to come, Albion at its strongest nips problems in the bud long before they has the capability to destroy the nation. With this in mind I ask for your support in planning a military action to the isle of Therazine, recently rose, near Orlaine and Sarnia and thought to be a key in resolving the embuggerance Of a number of beast of magic and mythology. Ross Pendragon Arch Duke of Naseby


Barnswood Scout Camp,
Old Leek Rd,
SK11 0RB.

21st - 23rd October 2016

The cost of a player ticket is 44 pounds (excluding any bunk and meal costs)
Monstering and staffing are both free.

The event will be catered by Caggles Catering for 25 pounds. Menu to be put on facebook/booking site when known. Please request a meal ticket at cagglescatering@gmail.com and provide dietary requirements. Please pay via Paypal using the same e-mail address. You must request your ticket by 14th October at the very latest.

Time in will be at approx 9pm on Friday after dinner.
Time out will be from approximately 2am to 10am on Friday and Saturday nights and from approx 2pm on Sunday.

This is an 18+ event.

Crewing is free with a variety of roles occurring throughout the weekend! Monsters get free food late on Saturday night!! Monsters still need to buy a meal ticket if not self-catering (see front of leaflet for catering info).

If you believe you should be booking as staff please contact Harts Command prior to making your booking.

There will be a small number of PLAYER bunk spaces for 10 pounds per space (payable on the day) on a first booked first served basis. Bookings are to be made via command@hartsofalbion.co.uk
There will also be a limited number of FREE bunks available for Monsters, again, on a first come first served basis. Bookings are to be made via command@hartsofalbion.co.uk.
Confirmation shall be posted on the event page asap.

Bookings online will invite you to pay via PayPal. 
If this is unsuitable for you please contact us at command@hartsofalbion.co.uk 

The people below have booked and paid for this event

OOC First NameOOC SurnameIC NameGroupFactionBooking As
Jonathan Harden Dusk Beastmen HartsPlayer
Max Harden Graf Dog Beastmen HartsPlayer
James Goulding Raphael Other (Harts Command) HartsStaff
Rosie Woolley Zeal Other (Battalion of Echoes) LionsMonster
Andrew Abbitt Mat Londinium HartsPlayer
Jack Watkinson Raykav Winterheart Other (Iceni) HartsPlayer
Nicky Robinson Scarlet Hunters HartsPlayer
Mervyn Dennison Mabon Other (The Black Road) DragonsPlayer
Lorraine McKee The Night Crows of Albion HartsMonster
Susan Whitaker Kachina Other (Winterspear) LionsPlayer
Samantha Haynes Moth Ball Crows of Albion HartsMonster
Steve Finch Carrion Other (Das Dorf) VipersMonster
Mark Hannatt Dean Grey Black Hand HartsMonster
Dave Elder Victor Braddock Londinium HartsPlayer
Suzanne Palmer Queen Carmyna Graytalon Other (The Ironhold of Trinity Reach) HartsPlayer
David Shaw Sir Ross People of the Harts HartsStaff
Glenn Coleman King Olaf Graytalon Other (The Ironhold of Trinity Reach) HartsPlayer
Daniel Stannard Callow Black Hand HartsPlayer
Edward Groves Howel Winterheart Order of the Pendragon HartsPlayer
Oliver George Haidyn Rothboar People of the Harts HartsPlayer
Matthew Hewitt Wildfire Company of the Blackened Staff HartsMonster
Edward Lewis Trevelion Other (Order of Nethras) HartsPlayer
Zoe Prosser Kiera Other (Iceni) Non-FactionPlayer
Fergal O'Brien Cosaint Other (Watchers) Non-FactionPlayer
Bren O'Leary Echo Londinium HartsPlayer
Hannah Owen-Jones Wynne Corvinae House Corvadie HartsPlayer
Russell Carey Grif Other (Court of the serpent) HartsMonster
Eddie Lawler Cara Corvidae House Corvadie HartsMonster
Julie Winterbourne Saskia Other (Legion) VipersMonster
David Skinner Edwin le Noir Other (Order of the White Tower) HartsPlayer
Ian Palmer Laurence Charenten Albion Jugga Club HartsPlayer
K8 Evans Georgie Londinium HartsPlayer
Rich Whitaker Smash Dracha Other (Winterspear) LionsPlayer
Joseph Tansley Tyrell Dreamstruck Other (Prince Bishops Men) LionsPlayer
Hannah Baker Virago Other (Old Erin Boys) LionsPlayer
Aaron Galloway Mandrake Company of the Blackened Staff HartsMonster
Danny Leitch King Wyndrake Pendragon People of the Harts HartsPlayer
Anthony Chapman Sir Markham Evenwind Other (Winterspear) LionsPlayer
Matthew Guthrie I'm not real StaffMonster
Kerrie Ashton Turkish Other (Furpile) LionsStaff
Alistair Davitt Wulf The Hunters HartsMonster
Timothy Britton Feydren Other (People of the Lions) LionsPlayer
Michael Younger Lucan Bathroy Order of the Pendragon HartsPlayer
Mark 'Pigeon' Allport Zeerin Other (Throsgaard Keep) JackalsMonster
Freya Robinson Marwin Crows of Albion HartsMonster
Grace Currah Violet Hawthorn Stagecoaches UnicornsMonster
Luke Cater Aaron Plantagenet People of the Harts HartsPlayer
Alex Beaumont Tavish Other (Clan Na Cladach) BearsPlayer
Andrew Kendall Cawd Henriksen Caer Pendrinn HartsPlayer
Vicky Dow Quinn Order of the Pendragon HartsPlayer
Tristan Jackson Quentin People of the Harts HartsStaff
Alex Mitchell Solidarity (aka Hero) Other (Battalion of Echoes) LionsPlayer
Neil Lyus Aonghus MacRoth Other (Clan MacRoth) StaffMonster
Phil Callan Rook Other (Wolves Command) WolvesPlayer
Ian Murphy Eamon Other (Dragons COmmand) DragonsPlayer
Sarah Johnson Arya Darkendale Other (Great Library) Non-FactionPlayer
James McArdle Dyrt Other (Ol' Erin Boys) LionsPlayer
Alex White Einar Crows of Albion HartsMonster
Daniel Mayles Hobo Other (The One Wall Caravan) HartsPlayer
Charlotte Henderson Purr The Frozen Court HartsPlayer
Rob Sellwood Brudei Other (Clan Na Cladach) BearsPlayer
Daniel Bailey Donald McAylwyn Other (Clan McAylwyn) BearsPlayer
Andy Dove Diarmuid Other (Clan McCaullich) BearsPlayer
Paul Martin Kianan McAylwyn Other (Clan McAylwyn) BearsPlayer
Jennifer Liddle Queen Blodwyn Other (Bears) BearsPlayer
William Smith Trustan Other (Clan Bruid) BearsPlayer
Cassandra Dye Kaboom Other (Clan Ksavir) HartsPlayer
Tom Winch John MacRoth Other (Clan MacRoth) BearsPlayer
Paul Watkinson Refur Other (Clan Ksavir) HartsPlayer
Chris Roberts Tam MacRoth Other (Clan MacRoth) BearsPlayer
Adam Parsonage Anclas Marwick HartsPlayer
Anthony White Magnus Snorre HartsPlayer
Connor Moakes Kyto Other (The Ironhold of Trinity Reach) HartsMonster
Chris Norman Richard Neville Mackintash Trading Collective HartsMonster
Ian Anderson Corp Gris Lee Other (Golwg Cyntaf Rangers) WolvesMonster
Selina Khakee Tara Other (Clan McCaullich ) BearsPlayer
Steven Spencer Frax Other (People of the Lions) LionsPlayer
Sarah Hiskey Bracken Other (Free Blades) LionsPlayer
Chloe Mason Rowena Ashford Order of Nethras HartsPlayer
Andrew Jones James James MacFinn Other (Clan MacFinn) BearsPlayer
Emily Storer Erza Other (The verru pack) HartsMonster
Gwen Farrell Dagna Rocksmith Other (People of the Wolves) WolvesPlayer
Jay Piercy Makar Other (Artemis Vanguard) JackalsMonster
Helen Meese Regina Bathroy House Bathroy HartsMonster
James Dove O'Deer Other (People of the Bear) BearsMonster
James Goode Robert Thornwood Other (Talcontar Collective) UnicornsMonster
Anthony Davies Syrio Other (Throsgaard Keep) JackalsMonster
Robin Draycott Kay Other (A Tiding of Magpies) BearsMonster
Lizzi Abbitt Clarity Other (House Bathroy/ Londinium) HartsStaff
Elliot Howden-Roberts Shark Seelie Court HartsPlayer
Carl Frow Impberon Other (Starcrafts) VipersMonster
Mark Fitt Oak Other (Iceni) HartsStaff
Will Whitlam Bruce Jetta Other (The Witches of Essex) HartsMonster
Andrew Parsonage Jebodia Other (The Order of Nethras) HartsMonster
Lilly Emma butterworth Gemini Other (Order of Helios) HartsPlayer
Vicki Barre May Other (Iceni) HartsPlayer
Martin Ashton Tyrone Other (The Dags) JackalsStaff
Jack Thornley Hancock Monster
Jake Passarelli Monster
Amber Snyder Monster
Michael Rees Staff
starr preston Monster

8 Staff, 34 Monsters, 60 Players. (102 total)

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