Harts of Albion - FAQ

I'm not in a Faction

Included in the list of factions are two options ("Non-Faction" and "Staff") for people that aren't in a faction. Just select the one that is most appropriate.

I made a mistake, and now I've confirmed it. What do I do?

E-mail James Goulding or Jonathan Harden with the details, including your player ID ()

I don't need to pay. What do I do when it asks me to pay?

If there is a "Finalise booking" link, just click on that, and it will mark you as paid. If not, e-mail James Goulding with your Player ID () and you'll be marked as paid (even though you haven't actually handed over any cash)

I have lammies. Can I just show them when I arrive, or do you need me to send a scan?

List the lammie number eg SC1234, SI1234, and the item name in the Notes box. If possible add a brief precis of what the item is. Show it to game control when you check in. e.g. SI1234: Sword of the Forsaken: Enchanted Through

I didn't get the e-mail with my password. What do I do?

It may have been marked as spam. Check your "spam" or "junk" folder. If it's not there, e-mail Jonathan Harden

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